A downloadable game for Windows and Android

A game created in Novosibirsk City as a part of the Gr8ArtGames game jam series by Goethe-Institute and Maschinen-Mensch


The game is about how easily rules turn into censorship. Check up whether a citizen follows the orders to get on the Ark and leave the dying planet.


Bald, colored, with wings, with smiles – a lot of different creatures want to go on the Ark to leave the dying planet. You take the role of a guard and filter carefully this endless queue. You’re mustn’t oversee and miss out the elements unwanted on board. You’re mustn’t forget any worthy citizens.

Who sets the rules for the selection? Why are they constantly changing? How to follow them all?


Aleksandr Belokopitov, Ksenya Savva, Darya Mikhaylenko, Valentina Iarkova, Olesya Evtush, Roman Provotorov,  Ivan Emelyushkin, Evgenia Kraus


Build (2).zip 22 MB
TheArk.apk 30 MB

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